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Countless children enter the foster care system every year and are placed into homes and families that are completely unfamiliar to them. The worst thing that could possibly happen to a child in this very vulnerable time is to be placed with a foster family that treats them like a paycheck.

Foster children must be placed in homes that will provide the love and nurturing that they so desperately need while in foster care. Hope & Home has responded to this need by implementing the “Gold Standard” in foster care by certifying only the best of the best families to care for foster children.

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The number of foster kids Hope & Home has helped place in loving families.


Amount of your donation used for the betterment of foster families and kids.


The number of families Hope & Home has certified to provide foster care.

A Great Tax Break Opportunity

Learn from CPA Doreen Merz about how your gift for foster kids can qualify you for an amazing tax break opportunity. For example, a donation of $10,000 could receive 60% in tax savings.

Support a Child in Need

Give a child the gift of a loving home with a tax-deductible donation to Hope & Home.

Being chosen to make an impression on these children, well, there are no words for the emotions and the satisfaction.


With Hope & Home, it started out with them giving us the tools we needed to become foster parents. Now, it is so much more: family, friends, support and fun.


Hope & Home means that foster parents, foster children and birth parents will always be welcomed, loved and treated with respect.


We have learned so much about patience, humor, compassion, juggling, and most important, how to be better human beings.

Gabrielle and Tim

Hope & Home is a first-class organization that provides training, advice and care.


We love working with Hope & Home! Foster care has grown us in ways we didn't know we could grow and has enriched our lives in ways we didn't know were possible.


Hope & Home has been a joy…The support they offer is great. Hope & Home, keep up the wonderful work. You all are awesome!


Hope & Home doesn't simply provided great support, they are fundamentally re-imagining foster care.