About Hope & Home

Hope & Home gives kids in foster care more than a roof over their head. We give them a home.

Our Mission

As a nondenominational Christian charity, Hope & Home trains and actively supports foster families all across the Front Range who feel compelled by Christ’s command to take care of “the least of these.”

Abused and neglected children who’ve been removed from their birth homes get a stable and nurturing family to live with until it’s safe to go home again, or — when that safety isn’t possible — a family to give them a “forever home” through adoption.

Our Story

Hope & Home started with a few concerned members of a church Sunday school group who saw foster kids being treated like second-class citizens, or worse, and decided to do something about it.

Today, we’ve turned foster care upside down and have emerged as one of the largest, most dynamic child placement agencies (CPAs) in the state of Colorado — with hundreds of children rescued from the foster care system and happily adopted. Each year we provide short- and long-term, in-family care to hundreds of children in crisis.

At any given time, from well over 100 to 150 families across the Front Range are either providing care for foster children or are in training to become licensed with us.

Along the way, we’ve created a program where children in foster care are nurtured and truly cared for, and where the foster parents who give these children a home can do so with a level of friendly, professional support not found anywhere else.

Our strength comes from our Christian commitment to children, from our large and highly invested community of donors and supporters, and from our pledge to only accept first-rate foster parents who believe, as we do, that no child should ever feel less than loved.

The result? Hope & Home is recognized by numerous judges, child welfare experts and others as having the best foster parents, and as being the agency that does the best job taking care of foster children.

Hope and Home foster care agency

A Trusted Colorado Foster Care Agency

Ten-time recipient of the El Pomar Foundation’s Merit Award for outstanding service

Member of the National Indian Child Welfare Association
Member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Our Foster Parents

Hope & Home foster parents don’t do this for the money and don’t see foster care as a profession. To them, nurturing these children is a calling—missional work done right here in our community. Their goal is to help do what’s best for the children.

Along with the unparalleled training and support they get from Hope & Home, this missional approach is why children do better with Hope & Home families and have more successful placements.

As we’ve long believed at Hope & Home, the difference is making a child feel truly special. To accomplish this, when a child has endured abuse and neglect, requires concentrated focus on that child’s needs and emotions—and Hope & Home parents excel at that.

It also requires the help of a community to lift up and support the parents and the ministry; Hope & Home counts a strong and committed circle of supporters among our biggest blessings.

Hope & Home is committed to creating permanence for children through strong, healthy families whether they return to their birth parents or get adopted by their foster family.

We believe that children deserve to be raised in families, not just in a house or a home. Children must feel embraced as part of a family to feel loved and respected and to grow up with a healthy sense of self-respect and confidence.

Our Parenting Philosophy

We have a special way of raising kids at Hope & Home. We call it “Love to Nurture,” and we teach it to all of our foster parents and staff. 

Tough kids, withdrawn kids, well-behaved kids who sometimes just mess up–every child will respond to this gentle yet effective system of discipline and encouragement.

We know this because it was created by Hope & Home’s Executive Director, Ross Wright, who saw major breakthrough in even the most difficult cases he has encountered in his many years working with emotionally troubled youth in various medical facilities. We know this because, out of all the foster children who get adopted in Colorado, 19 percent will “blow out” or fail. However, nearly 100 percent of the adoptions by Hope & Home families stand successful to this day.

Love to Nurture logo

Our Team

“Fun, caring, committed – when you join Hope & Home and team up with our amazing staff, you’ll find people who pour their heart and soul into everything they do for our kids and families. I know you will enjoy working with them as much as I do.”

— Ross Wright, Executive Director and CEO

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