Welcome to the Family

Becoming a Hope & Home foster parent is easier than ever. We certify foster parents in Colorado and offer more resources than any other agency in the state. Let’s do this, together!

Transform the Life of a Child

Open your home to a child in need by becoming a Hope & Home foster parent. Getting started is easy, inexpensive, and fun!

It's Easy

Our team of certification experts will guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming licensed. We call these team members Licensing Specialists, and you’ll only find them at Hope and Home.

It's Inexpensive

Because we’re a ministry, Hope & Home doesn’t charge an application fee and provides training at no cost to our parents. We also cover the cost of the background checks and First Aid and CPR certification. 

Your only costs are $55 per person for a fingerprinting fee, paid to an outside company. (And any out-of-state background check fees depending on the state.)

It's Fun

During the certification process and our many social events, you’ll gain friends who have the same heart for God’s children as you do!

Become a Foster Parent in Colorado

Interested in becoming a Hope & Home foster parent? Set up a no obligation introductory phone call and we’ll call you back within a day.