Gina Milne is the Chief of Staff for Hope & Home. As such, her primary job is to support the executive Director through the day-to-day management of personnel. She functions as a strategist, consultant and implementer with the goal of streamlining activities within the organization based on the priorities of the Executive Director. She is responsible for creating and maintaining cross-departmental relationships to enable leadership success, drives internal and external communications and interacts with the board of Directors and financial supporters. Gina is the strategic lead on all high profile projects and is responsible for identifying and monitoring metrics critical to the organizations success. Gina is responsible for bringing together multiple stakeholders and helps drive decisions, researching, benchmarking, analyzing data, and making recommendations. She is constantly working behind the scenes at Hope & Home, creating systems and working with individual departments and managers to strengthen supports for families while streamlining operations.

Gina is passionate about supporting foster families and kids. She can be found at all the Summer ‘O Funs and social events. She’s even been known to break out her guitar and open the event in worship and song.

Gina has been with Hope & Home since 2008. She is married and enjoys life with her husband, Ronnie, and their two dogs. She is an Integrity recording artist having sung with bands such as Desperation Band, New Life Worship, WorshipMob, and White Flag as well as collaborating with other artists such as Paul Baloche, Jared Anderson, Jon Egan, and more. She enjoys touring the country as a vocalist, most recently performing in John Bolin’s production of “The Thorn”