Precertification Training

We are excited to share Hope & Home’s precertification learning experience with you. Your learning will take place using DaVinci, Hope & Home’s online learning system. Be sure to refer to your Licensing Roadmap as you go through this process. Never hesitate to reach out to your Licensing Specialist directly with any questions you may have! 

DaVinci First Time Login

Click the link below to create your login for DaVinci. This link will auto-populate with an enrollment key that is unique to foster parents in the licensing process. You will be asked a few questions to create your account. Upon login, you’ll be required to change your password. You will also receive an email asking you to do so.  

Important: Each individual must create separate accounts. If you are a couple, you must complete your training individually using individual accounts. Separate email addresses are required to create these accounts. You will need to click the link below for the first individual, create that account, log out of the newly created account, and then repeat the process for the second individual.

DaVinci Ongoing Login

Once you’ve created your account, this is the link you can use to login to DaVinci on an ongoing basis to complete your training. Please don’t use the first-time login link again.