Kids In Crisis by Ross Wright

An Affirming and Grace-Based Way of Parenting

From the popularity of “militant nanny” reality shows to the ever-struggling disciplinary systems in our schools, there’s evidence that more and more kids are seriously spinning out of control.

For any mom or dad who thinks a certain child is just too tough to handle, Kids in Crisis provides a sane, workable plan for successful parenting.

Author Ross Wright culls his wisdom from the trenches, having more than twenty years of experience in the youth care field ranging from work at psychiatric institutes to his current role as executive director of a remarkably successful Christian foster care agency.

Inside his engaging analysis of child development and behavior is the all-important theme of identifying strengths. By helping rebellious young people focus on what they do well, they in turn learn responsibility by having something to care about, to protect, and to productively share with others.

Written ideally with more prevention than intervention in mind, the book still speaks to parents who may currently be dealing with intense problems, from anger and mood disorders to violent acts, drug use, and teenage pregnancy.