Here at Hope & Home, we believe in a different way of looking at foster children. This is why the Hope & Home philosophy is so different than what you typically see.

Hope & Home is where stories begin, support occurs, and memories are made. It is where families are launched into the most rewarding and joyous journey of their lives coupled with seasons of difficulty and sorrow.

For many people, Hope & Home represents the beginning of growing of their family!

We Believe: Foster Children Deserve a Family…Not Just a Roof Over Their Head

Hope & Home won’t place foster children into just any home. We accept only 12% of the families who call us because of our extensive screening process.

We believe in bringing in only the best families who are here to serve children in need out of a sense of mission or calling.

We Believe: All Foster Children Deserve a Chance to be Kids

foster children should have a chance to be children

Foster children often carry the weight of the world everywhere they go. They’ve been robbed of their childhoods and have endured so much more than most of us could ever imagine.

We Believe: All Foster Children Should Be Prayed For

foster children should be prayed for

The center of Hope & Home is prayer. Since our humble beginnings in 1998, this ministry has been carried on the backs of those who “prayed without ceasing” for foster children who needed a safe place to call home.

As foster parents come and go, we are confident they will feel the prayers of those who have gone before them and paved the way for them to minister to the least of these.

We Believe: Foster Children’s Behavior Does Not Determine Their Worth

behavior does not determine a foster child's worth

Sadly, many foster children who come to Hope & Home come with emotional and physical hurdles due to the severe trauma they’ve endured.

This often means that they are labeled, marginalized, and alienated in social settings. Not at Hope & Home.

When they are placed with our families, they know they belong. We understand that their brains have adapted to survive in a dangerous world, often causing struggles in traditional environments.

Understanding that each child has different starting points on their paths to healing, we can call out their identity as a precious gifts from God who are intrinsically worthy of love.

We Believe: All Foster Children Should Have Access to Quality, Stylish Clothing

we believe foster children should have stylish clothing

Giovanni’s is a series of five stores located within Hope & Home, each created to suit the varying ages and needs of foster children.

Led by two volunteers and stocked by an army of foster parents and donors, you will only find the highest quality, most stylish pieces among the shelves and racks of Giovanni’s. These rooms are a vital resource for families, especially within the first few days of welcoming a new foster child into their home.

Truth is, foster children usually arrive with little more than the clothes on their back, so in addition to meeting a practical need, a trip to Giovanni’s can be an exciting, new experience for a child who has never been shopping before.

While malls and big stores with bright lights and lots of people may be sensory overload for a foster child’s first shopping trip, Giovanni’s is the perfect, low-key, safe environment for them to start building a new wardrobe.

We Believe: There is Healing Power in Warm, Imaginative, Inviting Spaces

we believe in warm inviting spaces for foster children

Hope & Home has always been committed to creating spaces that foster children are excited to visit. Since Hope & Home is often one of the first stops after a child has been removed from their biological parents, it is paramount that we make their experience a positive one.

Since the start of Hope & Home’s ministry in 1998, there have been countless instances where a foster child enters our front door in stress and turmoil. But after a stroll through Venice with a friendly staff member, some play time in Boboli Gardens and a trip to Teddy Bear Square, they leave with a smile on their face, a teddy bear in their hand, and peace in their heart.

Stories like these keeping pushing our staff to be up until midnight with a paintbrush in hand making sure every detail or every space is thoughtful perfect.

We Believe: We Need the Wisdom of Trusted Elders Bound Together by Mission and Zeal

we believe we need trusted elders

Hope & Home is governed by an outstanding Board of Directors and they meet throughout the year to make some of the most important decisions regarding the direction of Hope & Home and ultimately the future of countless foster children.

In addition to long discussions and deliberations, this Board of Directors also uses this time to diligently pray for the hundreds of foster children Hope & Home families are caring for at any given time.

While rigorous discourse is important and necessary, prayer and scripture will always have the last word when these elders gather together.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent or supporting someone who is, contact us today!