Newcomer Training - Quiz - Safety Series - Water Safety

  • Water Safety Newcomer Training

    Quiz must be completed. Once the entire Safety Series is completed, your Home Supervisor will review the material with you in your home. Once the review is complete, you will receive a certificate worth three hours of training credit. (Credits are accumulated by individual, not by family.) Volume 7 Tags: Emergency and Safety Procedures (7.708.65.C.1), Administrative Procedures and Program Goals (7.708.65.C.3)
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  • Facts About Kids and the Danger of Drowning

    Page 2 | Fill in the Blank
  • Parent's Misconceptions vs. Reality

    Page 3 | True/False
  • Water Safety Tips

    Page 4 | Fill in the Blank
  • Floaties

    Page 5 | Fill in the Blank
  • The ABC'S of Swimming Pool Safety

    Pages 6-9 | Fill in the Blank
  • Swimming Lessons

    Page 10 | Fill in the Blank
  • Water Safety Tips

    Page 12 | Fill in the Blank